1. Seneca Lake Wine Trail December Deck the Halls Weekend Survey

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Thank you very much for attending this event. Your patronage of our events, and member wineries, is greatly appreciated. Please note that NO contact information you provide through this page will ever be shared with any other business EVER. We value your feedback, and you will not, under any circumstances, find your contact information getting passed along to other businesses. That said, we will be using your feedback- anonymously- to help our member wineries, accommodations and transportation companies improve their services. Furthermore we will be adding you to our discrete mailing lists: we only mail one event postcard/year typically, and usually only send no more than 6-10 emails each year. We will not spam your email inbox, or your snailmail inbox. Period. Now, please complete as much of the survey as is appropriate, and you will be entered to win FREE tickets to a future event as compensation. Thank you for your willingness to provide us with your crucial feedback.
Paul, Glenda and Janice
The Seneca Lake Wine Trail