Debt Review Awards 2018 Peer Review

Debt Review Awards Peer Review
Credit Providers

We need your help to review the following Credit Providers in various Categories.

All you need to do is consider the last few months and then (click) on the appropriate Button.

We have put all the credit providers into two Peer Reviews to allow you to cover all these companies speedily.

Please try to talk to your team about each creditor before clicking. Please try not to let any past problems affect your recent evaluation of their performance.

Just because they make your life...difficult sometimes does not mean they are doing a bad job. So, please be objective and use their recent performance as your guide.

We have made the Peer Review surveys slightly longer so you only do two surveys in total. This one and one more. Both have around 20 Questions.

Maybe get a Cup of Tea to sip on while you go through the various sections. There are roughly 10 questions in each section.

This Peer Review Questionaire 
Section One: Banks (Secured & Unsecured)
Section Two: Vehicle Finance

We will also send you this Peer Review next so you can have your say about the smaller credit providers:
Section Three: Retail and Large CPs
Section Four: Micro Finance

Thank you in advance for taking the time to click, click, click

* 1. Please confirm your name, your email address and NCRDC registration number

* 2. Please, can you tell us of any PERSON (not firm) who is or has made a HUGE difference to debt review in the last 12 months? This person should be recognised for all the hard work they do. Please tell us where they are from and why you suggest them (briefly)