Thank you for taking part in this important survey to inform how the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) may focus efforts to help people struggling with student loan debt, medical debt, and other forms of personal debt. This short survey will take a only a few minutes of your time. All answers will remain strictly confidential, will not be shared with third parties, and will be securely stored and destroyed when applicable.

* 1. Are you an AFT union member?

* 2. What type of work do you do?

* 3. Which of the following best describes your current financial situation:

* 4. How big a financial challenge are these issues for you and your family?

  Not a challenge at all A small challenge A moderate challenge A big challenge
Healthcare costs
Education costs
Housing costs
Interest payments on loans and debts
Difficulty finding or keeping work
Wage increases not keeping pace with rising cost of living
Providing or paying for child and/or elder care
Saving for retirement

* 5. How confident are you that you will be able to achieve the kind of financial security you want for you and your family?

* 6. What of the following, if any, is your biggest obstacle to achieving financial security?

* 7. How much of much of a burden is each of the following types of debt on your household?

  Easy Manageable Challenging Major burden N/A
Student debt
Debt from medical expenses
Credit card debt
Mortgage or housing debt
Auto loan
Personal loan from a bank
Personal loan from a payday lender
Court Fines/Judgements
Debt to state or federal tax agency

* 8. Which student loan company do you or others in your household make payments to? Check all that apply.

* 9. Over the last 12 months, have you or anyone in your household fallen behind on making any debt payments or been unable to make all payments on time?

* 10. When you have fallen behind, what strategies do you or others in your household use to make ends meet? Check all that apply.

* 11. Have you or anyone in your household experienced any of the following? Check all that apply.

* 12. Has debt impacted you in any of the following ways? Check all that apply.

* 13. If you are a union member, please enter your local union name and number if you know it.

* 14. Where do you work? Please enter your zip code and the school district where you work, or your employer name if not a school district.

* 15. Our union, AFT, is exploring additional tools we can provide members to help manage and reduce debt. Which of the following would be helpful to you or others struggling with debt? Check all that apply.

* 16. Have you participated in an action or event sponsored by your union in the past year? Check all that apply.

* 17. Which of the following best describes your race?

* 18. Gender

* 19. Age

* 20. Are you a veteran?

* 22. If you or someone you know have struggled with debt, please describe how debt has impacted your life and/or their lives.

* 23. If debt has impacted your students or your community, please briefly share what you have observed.

* 24. Optional: Please provide your contact information to learn more about AFT programs designed to reduce and manage debt, or to receive the survey results. This contact information will not be shared with third parties, will be securely stored and when applicable will be destroyed.