Dear DeGroote Class of 2017 MBA Graduate,

It’s official! After countless assignments, presentations, and exams, you have successfully completed the program – CONGRATULATIONS!

We are excited to hear about what the next chapter holds for you. As such, we would appreciate if you could take a couple of minutes to complete our post-graduation survey. This survey will provide us with an update on what's next for you. 

Why should you complete it? The survey will help us learn about recent grad success stories and how we can better serve our students and alumni. The data provided will be used to promote DeGroote to prospective students and enhance DeGroote's reputation as we promote the success of graduates to employers. Individual responses will be kept confidential and will be limited to DeGroote staff only. Only aggregated data will be reported publically. 

Throughout the survey, a * will denote questions that must be answered before you can continue on to the next question.

13% of survey complete.