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Welcome. If you are interested in participating in future research studies, fill out this questionnaire and you will be contacted for an in person appointment to be entered into our database of potential study participants or when we have a study that fits you.


Information about you that you provide in this questionnaire will be kept confidential as required by law. It will be given to TRIA Beauty, Inc. as the sponsor of the studies. It is possible that the Food and Drug Administration, and other federal and state authorities, may inspect this record.


The purpose of you taking part in this questionnaire is to be entered in a database of potential study participants. You will not be paid for this online questionnaire since it is only to see if we want to bring you in for an appointment but it will save you time at an in-person interview should we chose to bring you in.

You may choose whether or not you want to take part in this questionnaire. If you choose not to take part in completing this questionnaire, or skip any questions, there will be no penalty, but the more information we have the better chances you have at being contacted for a future study.

Financial Information

You will find out specific study compensation if we choose to bring you in for a study, each study has different compensation. However, If we do call you for an in person appointment to be entered into our database, you will be paid $20 for the visit you attend. That visit should be fairly short and will include photos of your face.

Please only complete this survey once. More than one response will not raise your chances of being called for an appointment. -Thank you-