Data Questions Survey

Data Questions for Data Champions
This survey is intended to act as an open forum for educators to ask questions regarding data use in education.  Your questions will help provide the foundation for future topics highlighted within the "Data Champions" articles in the SEEC monthly newsletter.  

I recognize that the level of experience and familiarity with data in education will vary amongst the readers of these articles.  It is my goal to be able to address each of the data questions that you (and others) may have, however, I cannot guarantee that I will have all of the answers to questions asked.  

I intend for these articles to be collaborative in nature, as we can all learn from the vast amount of knowledge and experience in our region.  I reserve the right to introduce questions to the larger group of collective readers as I see fit.

Right to Privacy:
Lastly, and MOST importantly, I respect your right to privacy.  Although, I may pose questions to the collective group of readers, I fully respect your right to have your question(s) posed anonymously.

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