1. Dash Advertiser Questionnaire

Recently you have previewed Dash, a new insert featured in The Press of Atlantic City. Dash will be a permanent feature in the paper starting in February, 2011. However we wanted to give our advertisers a sneak preview into our new product.

Now, we would like your feedback. Thank you for taking the time to help The Press of Atlantic City improve our products to better suit your business

* 1. Do you consider your customers to be foodies, or people who are very interested in food?

* 2. Is Dash a product you would like to advertise your message in?

* 3. Dash is published by Parade magazine and inserted into The Press. Does the Parade affiliation give Dash greater credibility?

* 4. Starting in February, Dash is scheduled to publish on the second Tuesday of each month. What do you think of the frequency?

* 5. Dash is scheduled to publish on Tuesdays. What day of the week would you prefer to see Dash come out?

* 6. Are you currently aware that we offer a catalog of recipes submitted by other Press readers located at PressofAtlanticCity.com called Legacy recipes?

* 7. How likely are you to sponsor the Legacy recipes section of PressofAtlanticCity.com?

* 8. If The Press of Atlantic City hosted a cooking exhibit that included vendors, samples, recipes and a live cooking show, and offered access to the public for a small fee, would you consider being a sponsor?