5th Grade

* 1. You are on Vacation in Guatemala, you fall and land on your knee, how do you tell the doctor that your
knee is hurting?

* 2. While shopping at a food market in Honduras you get separated from your mom, you find a police officer and ask for their assistance. They ask you for a physical description; how do you tell them that your mom
is tall skinny, and that she has blond hair.

* 3. The police are now asking you what your mom was wearing today. How do you tell them that she was
wearing blue pants, a green t shirt and brown shoes?

* 4. You have plans to play soccer today at the park with your friend Alberto, but you are not feeling well. He called to let you know that he is going to pick you up in an hour, how do you tell him that you are sick?

* 5. What is the name of the celebration held on the 2nd of November that honors past loved ones?