When a report of an SFFILM Code of Conduct violation is received, it is reviewed solely by the Managing Director and SFFILM’s acting HR representative. Upon review, the Managing Director and HR representative will determine the course of next steps which may include, but is not limited to: bringing the report to the Executive Director and/or relevant Senior Leadership, launching an investigation, and taking reasonable responsive action.

Individuals are encouraged, but not required, to provide their name and contact information. Providing contact information enables SFFILM to launch an investigation of the Code of Conduct violation, take action, and follow up with you. 

Should you prefer to remain anonymous, this report will still be filed by the Managing Director and HR Representative who will follow next steps. The leadership team will make every effort to observe the behavior of a named involved party, and the report will be logged with SFFILM’s HR Representative.

FOR STAFF: If an SFFILM staff member submits a Code of Conduct violation about another staff member, SFFILM will follow the same steps listed above, and will also meet with the named staff member to conduct an investigation.

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* 1. Use this space to report any incident that you would like to remain anonymous.

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* 2. Please include contact information if you would like for us to follow up with you. We take anonymous concerns seriously, but there is no opportunity for us to investigate or report back to you on decisions made without contact information.