* 1. What is your principal information source about parks and recreational facilities in the community?

* 2. How many times in the last 12 Months have you or a household member visited one of the City owned and operated Parks ?

  0 1-12 13-24 25-36 37-48 More than 49 times
Antoine Park
Navarre Playground
Livingston Tower Park
Crystal Bay Park
Bederwood Park
Hackberry Park
Casco Point Park
French Creek Preserve
Saga Hill Preserve
Big Island Nature Park
Lowry Woods
Highland Park
Seven Nations Park
Pleasant View Park
Casco Point Beach
Lydiard Beach
Sandy Beach
Summit Park Beach
Lurton Park (Off Lease Dog Park)
Casco Point Ice Rink
Orono Golf Course (For golf activities)
Orono Golf Course (for non-golf activities)

* 3. How many times in the last 12 Months have you or a household member visited one of the City owned and operated Lake Access Points ?

  0 1-12 13-24 25-36 37-48 More than 49 times
Browns Bay @ Molly's Corner (Fishing)
Shoreline @ Spates Avenue (Winter Vehicular Access)
North Shore Drive @ Baldur Park (Winter Vehicular Access)
Crystal Bay Road (Boating and Bathing for select parcels)
Gibbs Landing (Pedestrian Access, Winter Vehicular)
EastLake Street (Winter Vehicular Access)
Bayside Road @ Stubbs Bay Rd (Winter Snowmobile, Summer Fishing)
Westlake Street (Pedestrian Access)
Park Lane (Fishing Dock)
Loma Linda Avenue (Fishing Dock)
Corral Road Extension (Pedestrian Access)
Ivy Lane (Pedestrian Access)
Spring Street (Pedestrian Access)
Carman Street (Pedestrian Access)

* 4. How many times in the last 12 Months have you or a household member visited one the of the City owned and operated trails?

  0 1-12 13-24 25-36 37-48 More than 49 times
Willow Drive (CR6 to CR112)
Brown Road ( CR6 to CR112)
CR 6 (OCB Rd to Willow Dr)
Ferndale Road (Luce Line to CR6)

* 5. How often do you or your household members participate in the following activities?

  Daily Weekly Monthly Annually Never
Swimming in Lakes
Walking/ jogging/ running
Roller Blading
Bird Watching
Softball/ Baseball
Ice Skating (outdoor)
Cross County Skiing or Snowshoeing
Adult Recreation League or organized sports
Youth Recreation league or organized sports

* 6. The maintenance of the parks and trail system comes from the tax levy, and represents 2% of the overall City Operating Budget.  Based on your experience in the City’s parks and trails, would you support increases in city taxes to increase park maintenance?

* 7. How would you prioritize the city’s efforts and use of financial resources when it comes to parks trails and open spaces?

  High Medium Low No Priority
Developing additional active park facilities, such as ball­ fields and playgrounds at existing parks
Developing additional passive park facilities, such as walking trails and flower gardens in existing parks
Building additional Multi-modal Trails
Acquiring and preserving more natural land areas, such as wetlands, scenic open spaces, and wildlife habitats
Acquiring additional park land for active parks, such as ball­ fields and playgrounds
Acquiring more land for Passive Parks, such woodlands, wetlands or prairie for walking trails.
Maintain existing parks, trails and open spaces

* 8. Regarding sidewalks in your neighborhood for addressing walkability and pedestrian linkages in Orono, which statement best describes your opinion?

* 9. How important is it for your household to have a system of local trails or sidewalks that connect your neighborhood to a regional recreation trail, such as the Luce Line Trail, Dakota Trail, or Independence Trail?

* 10. Do you feel the current mix and number of parks and recreation facilities in and around the community meet the needs of you and other members of your household?

* 11. Procuring and developing new parks and trails is costly (1 mile of paved shared use trail can cost $750,000).   While the city will also ways seek grants and other outside sources of funding these usually only cover a maximum of 50% of a projects cost.   How much would you be willing to see you city property taxes increase to develop new trails and parks?

* 12. Any other comments about Orono's Parks, Trails, and Open Space?