1. DUS Students

Dear Student,

Congratulations on your move from the Division of Undergraduate Studies to a Penn State college/major. Best wishes as you continue to meet your goals and progress toward a degree! To help us advise current and future DUS students, please take about 5 minutes to answer the questions below.

Eric White
Executive Director

* 1. At which campus were you enrolled in DUS?

* 2. What college are you entering now?

* 3. What major did you choose or are you considering?

* 4. While you were in the Division of Undergraduate Studies, how often did you meet with a DUS adviser?

* 5. Which resources below helped you choose your college/major? (select all that apply)

* 6. Which of the resources above (or other ones you used) were most helpful? Why?

* 7. What else (other tools, resources, or activities) could DUS offer to help students choose a major?

Thank you for your participation. Click here to view your certificate of completion