* 1. How old are you?

* 2. Gender?

* 3. I enjoy watching beauty pageants on TV (Miss America etc.), and TV shows such as "Toddlers & Tiara's" and "Honey Boo Boo".

* 4. Anyone of any age should be allowed to participate in beauty pageants.

* 5. Beauty pageants portray a realistic view of woman.

* 6. I would enter my adolescent child (or future child) into beauty pageants as a contestant.

* 7. Beauty pageants can have many negative consequences/effects on young children who participate.

* 8. There is no harm in a woman displaying her beauty by competing in pageants.

* 9. There should be an age limit for those allowed to participate in beauty pageants.

* 10. What are some pro's and con's of pageantry, at any age?

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