4th Grade

* 1. You are on vacation in Costa Rica with your family; you are excited to practice your Spanish so you start a conversation with a local student. You are having a difficult time understanding him because he is speaking very fast. How do you politely ask him to speak slower?

* 2. You just met your new lab partner for science class. He only speaks Spanish and you both need to put
your names on the experiment you just completed. How do you tell him in Spanish to remember to write
his name on the paper?

* 3. You are shopping at an outdoor market in Ecuador, you see a shirt that you like and you want to know how much it cost. How do you ask the vendor how much the shirt cost in Spanish?

* 4. You just had a lesson in Spanish class about the Mexican celebration called, “Dia de los muertos”. In what month does this celebration take place?

* 5. You have a foreign exchange student from Chile living with your family for a semester. He wants to go to a park today and ask you how the weather is. How do you tell him in Spanish that it is sunny out?