The Thunder Bay Queens are exploring the possibility of NEW U21A team (intermediate) for the 2021-22 Season. 
(2003, 2002, 2001 birth years)

As part of the process, we would like to gather feedback from potential players. 

The registration fees are based on the following preliminary budget:

·         30 hours of practice ice

·         6 games vs U18A Queens

·         6 games vs U18AA Queens

·         Local College Tournament

·         Manitoba Tournament (U-Drive)

·         3 loop weekends (with U18 Queens and other district teams)

·         Provincials and flights

All hotels and food are separate from the registration fees and not included in the budget.

Please take a few minutes to complete a short survey

Question Title

* 1. Based on the above information, would you be interested in competing on an Intermediate A Team for the 2021-22 season?

If you answered “No” to question 1, please skip to question 4 

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* 2. What level of commitment are you willing to commit to? (includes practice, games, off-ice)

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* 3. Based on the itemized preliminary budget provided above, what price range are you willing to spend to participate (please select all that apply)

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* 4. Name

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* 5. Birth Year

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* 6. Position

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* 7. Email Address

If you have any additional information or feedback to provide, please feel free to email us at
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