Introduction and About You

Hello, and thank you for agreeing to take my survey! This survey is to gather information to help design a new gallery at Eureka, the National Children's Museum in Halifax. The planned theme of the gallery is Sustainability, or how we can live in a way that makes better use of our resources and our planet.
Over the past few years the museum has been trying to make their experience as autism-friendly as possible, and now they are planning the new gallery they want to build this in from the ground up.

There are ten questions in this part of the survey, and eight in part two. I had to split the survey because I do not have a Survey Monkey Premium Account, so I apologise!

Before you take the survey, please read this Statement of Ethical Use.
It outlines exactly what your responses will be used for and who will see them. By continuing to take this survey, you are confirming that you're ok with your responses being used in this way. It's hosted on my personal blog, so please forgive the formatting!

Finally, a disclaimer: I am not an employee of Eureka. I am a postgraduate student working with the museum as a freelance consultant on this project. Any mistakes I make are my own and not the responsibility of the National Children's Museum. Any opinions I express either in this survey or on my personal blog/social media etc are my own opinions and not representative of Eureka as an institution.

Thanks for listening!

* 1. Are you answering on your own behalf or on behalf of someone under 18?

* 2. From this question onward, 'you' refers to the person on the autistic spectrum taking this survey, or the person under 18 on whose behalf this survey is being taken.

Do you have a formal diagnosis of an autistic spectrum disorder? Can you give more details of your type of disorder (formally diagnosed or otherwise)?

* 3. Have you visited Eureka (The National Children's Museum) in Halifax?

* 4. This survey is to help with the development of an autism-friendly Sustainability Gallery at the Eureka National Children's Museum. In the following questions you will be asked to evaluate your preferences for, and possible reactions to, several possible strategies for physical design, teaching methods and learning outside the museum walls.

Please give a broad overview of the issues you currently find most stressful when visiting a museum such as Eureka. You can select as many statements as you like, and explain them or add more in the comment box.