Do you believe in “more cycling, more fun!”? If biking is something you enjoy, please take a few minutes to complete this survey. Literally, 5-10 minutes.

Can you envision having access to a website that helps you find out what’s going on in your local area’s cycling community? Information that will connect you to a wealth of resources, including rides, events and, most important of all, to the biking community?

Our mission is inclusive, to serve ALL who love cycling in all of its diverse forms:

  • Cycling organizations
  • Riding clubs
  • Advocacy groups
  • Bike shops
  • Charity rides
  • Commuting and other riders

Our goal is to make it easier for riders like you to access what you need to get on your bikes and keep you riding! By completing the survey, it will help us determine what’s important to YOU before we begin this journey. Thanks so much for sharing your time with us because we can’t wait to find out what you’re thinking

* 1. What type of bicycle riding do you do (pick all that apply)

* 2. What type of information would help you enjoy riding more?

  Not useful at all A little useful Quite useful This would be awesome! N/A
Available local group rides
Motorist and cycling safety
Mountain bike advocacy
Trail maintenance
Local Cycling Social Events
Information about out of town rides
New rider information
Cycling industry news
Family and children's rides
Charity rides and events
Local sales and specials
Bicycle travel information
Regional races
Ability to create a group ride and share with other cyclists
Road riding advocacy
Local races
Bikes for Commuting/Transportation

* 3. What type of advocacy is most important to you

  Not important at all A little important Quite important Very important - I think about this everyday!
Road rider rights
Road rider safety
Creating new road cycling infrastructure (bike lanes, bike sharing, bike paths)
Off road bike trail access
Off road bike trail maintenance
More county parks inviting off road riders
Public bike park development
Cycling community volunteer opportunities
Bicycle recycling

* 4. What type of skills/knowledge would you like information on?

  I don't care This is a little interesting I want more information on this I need this information NOW!
How to develop on-bike skills (pace lines, hazard crossing, jumping, track-standing)
How to train for fitness
How to select a bike/what's the deal with all the bike types?
How to train for racing
How to prepare for a long ride/race/my first ride
How to work my bike properly (shifting, braking, suspension, tire pressures etc)
How to prepare for riding (hot weather, winter riding, commuting, bike packing)
How to be a pro at fixing my bike (wheel truing, brake bleed, bottom brackets, suspension)
How to fix basic things on my bike (flat tire, broken chain, rubbing brakes etc)
Nutrition - how to eat before, during and after rides, supplement usage
Group ride skills and etiquette

* 5. Is there anything you think a new group of this concept should NOT do?

* 6. How valuable would this group be to you?

* 7. Anything else we forgot to ask or you want to say?

* 8. Optional: leave your contact info if it is OK to follow up with you to clarify or discuss your opinions