2022 WA-IARP Elections

WA-IARP Board of Directors 2022-2023 TERM BALLOT

It is time to elect your new Washington State Board of Directors (not to be confused with the International elections that occurs simultaneously with each IARP Chapter's elections).

Some results are already known: 
Allison Baldwin, President of WA-IARP (elected last year as President Elect)
Laurel Creek, Immediate Past President (completed her one-year term as President)
Matt Nystul, Secretary Treasurer (elected for two year term)

This year, you will be voting for President Elect and five Member-At-Large positions (one year term)

Election Notes:
1) Election 'closes' on 04/30/22
2) You can change your mind while voting, but once you have completed the ballot, you cannot change your vote.
3) Your IP address will NOT be stored, for your privacy.
4) Your vote matters!