* 1. This survey is for tiny homeowners. The following are questions surrounding homeowners insurance. Please answer them to the best of your ability and feel free to add relevant thoughts to any of the questions.

* 2. Do you live in your tiny house full time?

* 3. Do you have insurance for your tiny home?

* 4. Have you tried to get homeowners (property & liability) insurance for your tiny home

* 5. Do you want homeowners insurance for your tiny home?

* 6. How much did you invest in your tiny home

* 7. How did you finance purchasing or building your tiny home?

* 8. Did you build your tiny house (by yourself or with the help of friends?)

* 9. would you be willing to be contacted

* 10. (This question is optional) Tell me your story? Please describe yourself, how do you spend your time? How did you decide to live in a tiny home? What do you like about this life style? What are the challenges?

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