* 1. In regards to the amount of groomed winter trails in Teton Valley I would like to see more groomed trails for:

* 2. I primarily use TVTAP's groomed winter trails for:
(select all that apply)

* 3. How many days did you get out on TVTAP's groomed winter trails this winter?

* 4. The trail I used them most this winter is:
(select up to two trails)

* 5. The trails I used the least this winter are:
(select all that apply)

* 6. My favorite non-groomed winter trail is:
(examples- Darby Canyon, Sheep Bridge trail, etc...)

* 7. How satisfied were you with the quality of the groomed trails this winter?

* 8. This winter I was a TVTAP member and purchased a $50 sticker of support:

* 9. I would be interested in volunteering to help with TVTAP's Winter Trail Grooming program next winter