English Proficiency Survey for Teachers

This survey is for teachers living in non-English countries who have students between the ages of 8-10.

* 1. Where is your school located? (city and country)

* 2. Do you teach students who are between 8-10 years old?

* 3. Do you teach at an international school?

* 4. What is the language of instruction for students ages 8-10 yrs old at your school?

* 5. What is the English speaking level of your students ages 8-10, on average?

* 6. What is the English listening level of your students ages 8-10, on average?

* 7. What is the English reading & writing level of your students ages 8-10, on average?

* 8. Are your students (ages 8-10) capable of discussing the following topics with native English speakers? Please choose which topics, if any, they could discuss easily:

* 9. Is there anything else you'd like to tell us? 

* 10. Thank you for participating!
To continue the conversation with us, please write your email below and we'll contact you about setting up a 30-45 min interview via phone or video conference. (Interviewees will receive a small gift card as compensation.)