Dear California Resident,

Unfortunately, Black Californians have among the state’s highest levels of chronic disease and HIV/AIDS, and mental health challenges.  To raise public awareness and promote wellness, New Black Voices, a project of the Pan-African Women’s Philanthropy Network (PAWPNet), in collaboration with the African-American Community Health Advisory Committee (AACHAC), is sponsoring a series of community meetings, health walks and surveys to determine black Californians top health priorities. Including black and allied Californians of all backgrounds, including those born outside the U.S., the survey results will be used to create a statewide Black Health Agenda to be promoted by community organizations and presented to our legislators. 

Below you'll see a list of 13 Health Actions that Black Californians throughout the state have identified as possible solutions to the high level of chronic disease and other health problems that affect our community. We'd like your help ranking them.

By answering this survey, you affirm your understanding that your specific, individual answers are completely voluntary and confidential, will not be shared with anyone, or affect your access to health or any other community services. By answering this survey, you also agree to the privacy and the informed consent policy detailed above. 

Thank you for taking just a few minutes to let your voice be heard for health and wellness in our community!

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* 1. Health Priority Ranking

Using the numbers 1-13, with “1” being the most important health issue and 13 being the least important, please rank the Health Actions below in order of ones you think are most important to promote health and wellness for all Black Californians. Please only assign one number per Health Action, otherwise your answers will be cleared upon submission.

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* 2. Optional Comments

In the space provided below, please suggest other Health Actions or ideas you think should be a part of  a statewide Black Health Action Agenda.

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Please identify your ethnicity/race.

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