Proposed Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Goal

With the intention of driving action and measurable change around equity, diversity, and inclusion within the Community Food Co-op, employees and board directors have DRAFTED the following goal. Before finalizing the goal we would like to know your thoughts, as it will guide our work over the next few years. 

OPPORTUNITY: As a business leader in the community, the Co-op has the opportunity to act as a social change agent.  We believe that our success and sustainability are driven by the collective genius that diversity inspires.  We are committed to supporting the social and cultural empowerment of our community.

GOAL: We purposefully identify, discuss, and challenge systems of oppression and the disempowering impacts they have on the organization and our community.

Over the next five years, we will focus efforts to:

• Increase diverse cultural representation within our organization to create a culture of inclusivity in staff, members-owners, shoppers, and leadership.

• Grow and strengthen staff development programs to support internal skill, leadership, and service.

• Develop systems to incorporate community input into our processes and policies.

• Build collaborations and partnerships that drive equity, diversity, and inclusion goals.

• Publicly report equity, diversity, and inclusion indicators and progress that transform industry standards.

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* 1. What is your level of support for the proposed goal?

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* 2. Please leave your contact information, if you would like to be included in updates on this goal work or available for follow-up conversations as we move forward.

On behalf of the Co-op Board of Directors and the Committee for Organizational Social Responsibility thank you for participating and providing feedback!