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Dear member,

Lately, we have been switching our domain name from

We have been thinking about which name to use as the main domain from now on.

Which name suits our company best?
Which name is more unique, memorable, and sticks to the mind for longer?

Reminds that our business is focused on offensive security, for the purpose of knowledge. 
Knowledge of how to break and exploit weak points of security is essential to develop suitable protection and countermeasures.
Weaknesses must be studied in order to be able to patch them.

We develop software, focused on security.
We study the security of the software, to spot weak points and reinforce it.
And we also provide security software.
So the new name suits us well too.


Which name is more memorable and unique?
Which one rapresents our company the most?
We would like your opinion!

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* 1. Pick your choice! Which name do you think its the best?

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