All space assignments will be based on availability and preference. Please note that you must submit one (1) application for each individual meeting or event.

Meeting Room Guidelines
You must meet the following guidelines to qualify for FREE meeting room space at the meeting.

1. Must be a Division, Committee, Section, Caucus, Taskforce or other group associated with ACNM.

2. All meeting rooms will be set up Conference style unless otherwise requested below. Alternative meeting room set ups must be approved by conference management and may require a $100.00 re-set fee.

3. Unless otherwise authorized, you may not re-arrange the meeting room while onsite.

4. ACNM will not be providing any audio visual equipment.

5. As the organization contact, you will be responsible for requesting all food and beverage and Audio Visual. Contact information will be included in your Meeting Room Confirmation.

The deadline to complete a space request is February 14, 2014. We will send a confirmation letter to the key contact by March 1, 2014 which includes the location information and any necessary additional instructions.

* 1. Please select Your Affiliation type

* 2. Please enter the name of the Meeting/Event below.

* 3. Please choose the attendance type that applies to your Meeting/Event.

* 4. What is the estimated attendance?

* 5. If this activity took place in 2013, please provide the number of participants from last year below.

* 6. Please select your preferred date(s) below.

Please note that the official available slots for Affiliate/Division/Committee events are 7:00 am - 8:00 am on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Affiliate/Division/Committee events can not conflict with official meeting activities. All events requested during times that conflict with official meeting events are subject to approval. Please see the schedule below to make sure you are not requesting a time that conflicts with anything.



* 7. Please enter your preferred start time (include AM or PM)

* 8. Please enter your preferred end time (include AM or PM).

* 9. What is the function type?

* 10. If requesting a room set other than the standard conference style, please indicate your desired alternate set up below.

* 11. Does your Meeting/Event require Food and Beverage?
(Note: you will be provided with menu selections after your event has been assigned a meeting room.)

* 12. If your event requires Audio Visual, please select the items that you need below.

* 13. Please select the items below (if any) that you believe ACNM has agreed to pay for.

* 14. Please list any events that you do not want your event to conflict with.

* 15. Please include any additional comments below.

* 16. Your first and last name:

* 17. Your complete address (City/State/Zip)

* 18. Phone:

* 19. Email:

* 20. For Internal Use only. Do not fill out.
Date, Time and Room Assignment