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The Chai & Chat Group is a semester long group that discusses issues of diversity, inclusion, and social justice. Topics could include global issues, politics, racial discrimination, religion and almost any other topic that interests you. This group is for students and topics and discussions are decided by the students. The group will be held weekly on Tuesdays at 3pm-4pm in the Chapel Lounge. We hope you all will be able to attend and share you interests and discussions.

* 1. Please complete the following:

* 2. Year

* 3. Gender

* 4. Age

* 5. Race/Ethnicity

* 6. Nationality

* 7. Sexual Orientation (optional):

* 8. Religion (optional):

* 9. Do at least one of your parents have a 4-year degree?

* 10. Group Commitment:

  Yes No
Will you discuss your own biases, prejudices, and behaviors in a group setting?
Will you listen to the opinions of others without being disrespectful if you disagree?
Will you attend the meetings and participate on a consistent basis, excusing yourself only in case of emergencies?
Will you keep the discussions confidential?
Will you discuss your thoughts and opinions with group members even when you think you are in the minority?

* 11. Would you be able to attend Chai & Chat every Tuesday from 3pm to 4pm?

* 12. What would be the best week to start our first meeting of Chai & Chat?

* 13. If you will be attending Chai & Chat, what is the best way to remind you/reach you?

* 14. Comments/Suggestions