1. FRIENDS Program: Commuter & Non-Traditional Student Survey Fall 2006***Tell us what you think!***

We, the FRIENDS Program, want to improve the college experience of commuter and non-traditional students, your responses will be very valuable to us. Please take a moment to respond.

Not sure if you’re a commuter or non-traditional…Please view the descriptions below.

Commuter Students: live off campus.
Non-traditional students: are 24 years old or older; are married, partnered, widowed or divorced; are military veterans; assume multiple roles: parent, spouse, partner, caregiver, and/or employee, in addition to attending classes; are resuming or have begun studies after a period of delay; OR …are going through a transition such as a career change.

* 1. What degree are you currently pursuing?

* 2. What is your major field of study?

* 3. When do you take most of your classes?

* 4. What time would you be most available to attend workshops or tutoring?

* 5. What day would you be most available to attend workshops or tutoring?

* 6. During the week, it would be most helpful to you if FRIENDS was open until…

* 7. How much time would you need to plan to attend a non-classroom event?

* 8. Choose your primary barrier(s) to attending programs:

* 9. In what way(s) could FRIENDS help to minimize your barrier(s)?

* 10. Which areas would you be interested in receiving tutoring?

* 11. Choose the main reason for continuing your education:

* 12. Choose all topics that you would be interested in learning more about:

* 13. What is your current G.P.A?

* 14. How did you hear about FRIENDS?

* 15. Age: What year were you born?

* 16. Gender:

* 17. Classification:

* 18. Marital status:

* 19. Employment Status:

* 20. How many dependents live in your home?

* 21. Please list the ages of the above children (separated with comma)

* 22. What type of childcare arrangements do you have while attending class?