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New Seeds of Contemplation By Thomas Merton: A 9-week study beginning the first week of August. This group will run 10 weeks giving us room for a one week break. We will also incorporate James Finley's Podcast Turning to the Mystics which covers Thomas Merton for 9 episodes and Passages from Finley's Merton's Palace to Nowhere. New Seeds of Contemplation is the only resource you will need to purchase. All groups are hosted on The Contemplative Cathedral an online platform that allows for sharing, discussion, access to Zoom links and multi-model learning and engagement. You will receive an invitation to the join the group in The Cathedral at least a week before we begin. 

In our groups we create a safe sacred container for conversation and practice as we journeying together through books on contemplation, christianity, and spiritual growth. Through a set of shared ground rules and curiosity we learn from each other, ourselves, and the text. Many participants stick with their groups for future studies and become ongoing groups. We need a Minimum of 5 to start a group. All groups start the week of August 1st.  

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