Do you have experience with Water Quality Management Plans (WQMPs)?  If so, the Orange County municipal stormwater permittees are seeking your input and ideas to help prioritize future efforts. 

This survey includes questions about existing technical guidance and resources used to develop, review, approve, construct, inspect and report on Water Quality Management Plans (WQMPs). It also asks for your ideas about new resources or tools you would find valuable.

Some prioritized improvements may be made in the short term, while others may be phased after the next round of MS4 permit adoptions.

Please respond to the questions that are relevant to your role in preparing and/or constructing WQMPs. Feel free to skip over questions that are not relevant to you.

Existing resources to consider when responding include:
  • Model WQMP
  • Technical Guidance Document (TGD)
  • Hydromodification Management Plan (HMP) (South Orange County only)
  • South Orange County Hydrology Model (SOHM) (South Orange County only)
  • WQMP Template(s)
  • Jurisdictional Checklists
  • Standard BMP Details
  • OC Watersheds GIS portal
  • OC Watersheds Website
  • County Land Development Help Desk
Thank you for taking the time to share your input and ideas!
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