Assessing professional facilitation successes, challenges, and future needs for SGMA implementation

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) offers professional facilitation through the Facilitation Support Services program to help local water management groups, including Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSAs) and Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) work groups, address pivotal issues. Professional facilitators can actively manage a process to support stakeholders’ desired outcomes through mediation, negotiation, and consensus building.
Please help us understand the successes and challenges you've faced so we can evaluate the effectiveness of the Facilitation Support Services program and can better understand local needs moving forward.

* 1. Which GSA/SGMA work group are you affiliated with? Please identify the groundwater basin (or subbasin).

* 2. Which best describes your role/affiliation for the SGMA implementation activities you are involved in?

* 3. Has professional facilitation been used for your SGMA implementation activities? If the answer is no, please skip to question 6. If yes, how is the facilitation funded (please select all that apply)?

* 4. Skip if you answered "no" to question 3.
What was the primary purpose of the professional facilitation for your SGMA implementation activities? Was the purpose fulfilled successfully? 
Please be as detailed as possible, there is no character limit.

* 5. Skip if you answered "no" to question 3.
Please rank the following outcomes of professional facilitation with 5 being the most successful, and 1 being the least successful.

* 6. What challenges were encountered during the SGMA implementation activities you were involved in? Was professional facilitation helpful in resolving those challenges? Or for those that did not have professional facilitation, do you think it would have been helpful in resolving those challenges? 
Please be as detailed as possible, there is no character limit.

* 7. Looking forward, what will require the greatest need for professional facilitation. Please rank with 5 indicating the greatest need and 1 indicating the least.

* 8. Please provide any other feedback or comments you'd like to share on professional facilitation.
Please be as detailed as possible, there is no character limit.

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