Universal Periodic Review: NGO Information Meeting Room Request Form

Accredited NGOs in consultative status with ECOSOC may organize Information Meetings on the UPR process, with a view to sharing information and best practices. Organizers are encouraged to inform and/or invite State(s) under review.

The NGO in charge of organizing the meeting may invite guests not accredited to the Council session to attend. The concerned NGO is requested to provide the Secretariat with a complete list of its guests 48 hours prior to the meeting. Accordingly, meeting photo-badges will be issued on the day of the event, at the Pregny Gate security entrance, upon presentation of a valid photo ID (i.e. passport).

Please be advised that the Secretariat does not provide interpretation for NGO meetings. NGOs may bring their own interpreters, if they so wish, and inform the Secretariat ahead of time.

Requests are processed subject to availability of rooms.