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Help us rename "Dementia!"

M.I.C.E. Haldimand (Memory+ Inclusive Communities Everywhere) is seeking your help to "RENAME DEMENTIA!' As individuals who have been described as having "dementia," we want you to know that we STRONGLY DISLIKE the word and want to stop using it!

Did you know? In North America, the word "dementia" is commonly used by medical professionals and the public alike to describe numerous conditions with symptoms of progressive cognitive decline - thinking, remembering, reasoning, etc. The trouble is that the word dementia further stigmatizes and perpetuates misunderstanding around conditions that already carry heavy stigma and misunderstanding. Just thinking about the origin of the word, it is easy to understand why. The word "dementia" can be traced to the Latin "demens" meaning "out of one's senses, insane, raving, or foolish." These are certainly not terms that we want to be associated with, nor are they remotely accurate!

M.I.C.E. wants to rename dementia to challenge stigma: In a world where we hope to re-educate about what it means to live with "dementia," we feel compelled to begin by "RENAMING DEMENTIA.

We are individuals who are valuable, unique, intelligent, and making great contributions to our community. Please help us identify a new term to reflect this!

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* 1. Please pick your favourite replacement term for "DEMENTIA" from the list below OR suggest a new term of your own!

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* 2. Thank you for participating in our contest!
On March 1, the M.I.C.E. Team will review submissions and pick a new term, which they will use moving forward.
Please include your contact details below to stay informed about M.I.C.E. activities and events.

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