Welcome to the 2018 Southport Magazine Readers Poll

Thank you for participating in our 2018 Reader's Poll.  The answers you give will determine the winners of the Southport Magazine Maggie Awards.  The Maggie Awards are a fun way to recognize people, places and things that stand out for excellence.

This year we have shortened the list of questions and there is a write in ballot.  All due to feedback we have received from you.

We make an effort to change up the questions each year, so that the Maggie Awards will remain current, engaging and exciting.  If the same questions and people win every year, that would be boring! 

Please remember when answering these questions, that they apply to the entire area that Southport Magazine services:  
Southport, Oak Island, Bald Head Island, Boiling Spring Lakes, Supply and St. James.

Voting runs from December 1, 2017 through January 15, 2018. 

Thank you for your help!

Southport Magazine

* 1. Please provide your email address.

* 2. What is your gender?

* 3. What is your age?

* 4. What cable or satellite television service provider do you use?

* 5. When it comes to going out to eat.....what restaurant do you dine at most often?

* 6. When it comes to grocery shopping, where do you prefer to shop?

* 7. You are going on vacation and need to find someone to watch after your pet while you are away.   What service or individual do you call?

* 8. For the ladies.  You are planning a girls' night out.  Locally, where would you choose to go?

* 9. When it comes to insurance, who is your favorite agent?

* 10. Some like it hot!  Where do you go to get the SPICIEST food in town?  And what do you get?

* 11. Can you offer a POSITIVE suggestion to our local lawmakers?

* 12. What cellular service do you use?

* 13. What is your favorite place to order take-out?  And what do you always order?

* 14. Have you ever shopped locally for Men's clothing or shoes?  If so, where do you go?

* 15. Do you like live music?  If so, is there a certain band, duo or person that you will make a special effort to see?

* 16. Of all the appetizers in the area, what is your favorite and from where?

* 17. Please tell us the name of the business/person where you can always expect exceptional service?

* 18. You are in the mood to dance?  Locally, where would you go to cut a rug?

* 19. What local shop would you say offers the best selection of clothing for all shapes and sizes?

* 20. Who do you think serves the BEST French fries in our area?

* 21. What local community group/service/organization do you think should be recognized for providing outstanding 
service(s) in our community?

* 22. Do you own a boat?  If so, what kind and where did you buy it?

* 23. Do you have a favorite local artist?  If so, what is their name and what is their genre?

* 24. Do you have a favorite house in Southport, Oak Island, Boiling Springs, Bald Head or St.James?  You know, a house that you have always admired?  If so, tell us where?  An address, if you can.

* 25. Have you ever sat in the swings on the waterfront in Southport?

* 26. In 2017, did you go to the beach on Oak Island?  Did you get in the water?

* 27. Ladies.  Besides groceries, what is the number one thing you buy when you are shopping for yourself?  And where do 
you buy it from most of the time?

* 28. Do you recycle?  If not, what is the main reason you do not?  

* 29. What is your biggest pet peeve?

* 30. What is listed as #1 on your bucket list?

* 31. Did you try a new restaurant or shop in 2017 and now it is one of your favorites?  If so, where and why?

* 32. Who would you name as the "local-know-it-all" for our area?

* 33. What show are you binge watching right now?

* 34. Name your favorite waiter/waitress and where they work?

* 35. Is there a type of festival or event that you wish our area hosted each year?

* 36. OK, now it is your turn.  Please tell us about a shop, person or place that you feel is deserving of a Maggie Award.
Please be sure to name the person, place or thing.  The business or organization they are affiliated with.  And WHY
they deserve the Maggie Award (be specific, please).   THANK YOU!