Disaster Cost recovery through FEMA represents a procurement challenge not easily faced by an individual government entity. Two particular challenge areas fopr contracting are disaster debris removal and debris monitoring.  By having pre-event debris hauler contracts in place, cleanup during disaster can be quicker and less costly.  Procuring reputable and experienced firms can be challenging and unfortunately a piggyback style contract cannot be utilized in order to recover FEMA funding. 

While piggyback procurement is not allowed, FEMA does accept contracts bid through a cooperative contracting approach where each agency participates throughout the entire procurement process starting at the drafting the proposal to the final vendor selection.

This brief survey ask your agencies interest in actively participating in the disaster debris removal and monitoring contracting process.  At this point we are brainstorming our approach as a group and beginning to gather together resources from each agency interested in participating.  We want every agency to have an opportunity to participate and to have the adequate resources available in the face of disaster.