Interested in funding for microscopy?

The JBT 2015 Outstanding Manuscript Award is for the article entitled: Mercury Free Microscopy: An Opportunity for Core Facility Directors.  The paper outlines a successful alternative funding strategy for microscope owners to upgrade or up-cycle their instruments to modern light sources.  The primary author and co-fouder of Close Focus Consulting is starting a non-commercial informational website to share a database of nontraditional funding sources for all microscopists.  Please help us shape the content and direction of the new website by filling out this quick survey.  All information is completely confidential and will be used for our design purposes only.  Thank-you for your participation.

* 1. will provide messaging that states Mercury light sources are not sustainable.

* 2. will provide messaging about sustainability funding.

* 3. will provide messaging that states modern LEDs can be a viable Mercury lamp replacement.

* 4.

* 5. What other information would you like to see provide?

* 6. I would like vendors to provide pertinent information using

* 7. I would like to periodically provide funding and vendor updates.

* 8.  Which of the following methods would you prefer to receive information about sustainable grants and pertinent vendor updates? (Select all that apply)

* 9. How often would you want to receive information from

* 10. Are you interested in helping us start