DEI Committee Feedback

NCC Peds! We want to make sure that the DEI committee is meeting and serving your needs. Please take the time to answer a couple of questions about how we are doing and what you'd like to see in the future. If you'd like to discuss something in detail, please email Janice McGirt (, Noelle Molter (, and Alexis Ghersi ( Thank you!

Past Workshops -
Sep 2023: Implicit Bias
May 2023: Religion and Medicine Panel
Apr 2023: Ageism
Mar 2023: Racism in Biomedical Research (Dr. Burklow)
Nov 2022: Privilege
Sep 2022: Implicit Bias
Aug 2022: Minority Stress Model and Gender Affirming Care (Dr. Larson)
1.How satisfied are you with the DEI workshops?
2.What feedback do you have on workshops already completed? (Topics or activities that you particularly liked/disliked, ways to improve)
3.What ideas/topics would you like the committee to explore in the future?
4.Any additional feedback?