1. Contact Information

This application will be used in the selection process for the Winter School. 50 3rd year undergraduates will be selected. Please answer the questions thoroughly and honestly. We look forward to receiving your application.

* 1. Please enter your full name here.

* 2. Please enter the name of your university and department. Also mention your year in school.

* 3. Please enter your current grade point average and a list of advanced courses you have taken in your major area of study.

* 4. Please enter your mailing address here.

* 5. Please enter your email address here.

* 6. Please enter your phone number here.

* 7. Please enter a URL for your homepage if any.

* 8. If you have a laptop computer that you would be able to bring with you to the winterschool, please tell us what kind of laptop it is and what operating system is running on it.

* 9. Please enter the name and contact information of up to two professors who have agreed to write letters of recommendation for you. Applications with strong letters of recommendation will be given priority. Please let the professors know that they should email their letters of recommendation to cmu.mlsp@gmail.com and they should mention your name in the email header.