To simplify the nomination process this year, we are putting our nomination process online. To be a member of the DramaWest committee, you need to be a current member and to have the endorsement of one current member for your nomination.

Please indicate below your nomination along with your membership status, who is endorsing you and whether you're happy to share the role with another person, if applicable,

* 1. Your details

* 2. Details of current member endorsing your nomination

* 3. Please indicate the role you would like to nominator for on the DramaWest committee

* 4. Are you happy to share your role should we have more than one nomination?

If your answer is no then elections will be held at the AGM to determine who holds the role on the DramaWest committee for 2017.
Thank you for your nomination. We will be in contact soon and see you at the AGM - Monday, April 10, 2017 at 5.30pm at ECU Mount Lawley, Building 16, Room 117 (Drama theatre)