Harbor House of Central Florida invites you to participate in a national study of domestic violence program services. Harbor House is a Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence certified domestic violence program in Orange County, FL. For more information on Harbor House, please visit: www.harborhousefl.com 

Harbor House has a free smartphone app that helps doctors, counselors, and the general public identify possible domestic violence. The app also helps connect survivors to resources based on where they are seeking help. By entering a zip code, the app user is able to find the contact information for the nearest domestic violence center anywhere in the country. Since its launch in 2011, the R3 app has been downloaded around the world. For more information on the app, please click here

In effort to ensure we are providing the most up to date information, Harbor House is collecting hotline numbers and a list of services offered from domestic violence programs around the country. Your program's public information will be included in the new directory to help connect survivors of domestic violence to life saving resources. 

DV program information from around the country and world available from each program's website will be used in the app. We invite you to fill out this short, voluntary questionnaire to confirm that your program's information is up to date and that survivors will be able to easily access information and life saving resources no matter where they are.

When the app update is complete, we will send you an email notification. Please share this resource with your coworkers and community partners.

For more information or questions on the R3 app and this questionnaire, please contact admin@harborhousefl.com.