Parent Survey on Fees/Costs

Dear Parents,
Thank you for all of the support you provide to your children and our schools. The Bedford School District is in the midst of the budget process for 2015-16, and we want to understand the costs for families to support students' academics and co-curricular activities. You can submit up to 20 activities per family.


Chip McGee, Superintendent of Schools (

-- Costs directly related to class/academics/school such as school supplies, calculators, parking fees, AP/IB testing fees, field trips, Lurgio's Cardigan Trip, or BHS Intersession.
-- Clubs such as Destination Imagination, Model UN, or the National Honor Society. This often includes entrance fees and/or travel costs.
-- Arts, which can include costs such as entry fees for contests
-- Music, which can include costs such as instruments not provided by the school
-- Theater, which can include costs such as travel.
-- Athletics, which can include costs such as necessary equipment (like shoes) not provided by the school.