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Thank you for your interest in the SDG START Survey

We are pleased to introduce our new START programme: the Support Toolkit for Assessment & Reset of Tourism.
The entry tool of the programme is a self-assessment: the SDG START Survey. With this survey, you will map your tourism contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the GSTC Tourism Standard and the Green Destinations Standard, including the latest insights in tourism regeneration and transformation. In addition, we ask you to indicate which topics you would like to learn more about.
It is possible to complete this survey in approximately 30 minutes. We recommend that you choose a convenient time to complete it. Approximately two weeks after you complete the survey, we will send you a free, no-obligation report based on your responses. This will include your scores for all SDGs and an analysis of which tools are most suitable to make progress from your specific situation.
We encourage all municipalities and other tourism and leisure destinations to take this first step and join us in the START programme.

Please take the following into account:
● A survey completed by a private individual or company cannot be answered unless you clearly indicate that you represent a municipality or other destination.
● You can only complete the survey once.
● Questions marked with an asterisk (*) are compulsory.
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