National Organization for Women Member Survey

Our goal is to inform and connect all of our supporters and members with opportunities to be involved during the Louisiana legislative session. This survey will let us know who your state representative and senator are and how best for you to be involved as a constituent. We'll use this info to help us reach you better!

* 1. Contact Info

* 2. I know who my Louisiana state representative and senator are - please fill in their names (If you need to look them up, go to Find My Legislators). 

* 3. This is what I can do during this session (please check all that fit your schedule and preference.)

* 4. Please let us know if there are any other contributions you are able to make as an activist: talents, affiliations or other interests that you would like us to know.

* 5. Are you a current member of NOW? You can join here or renew via this link if you are interested in finding out more. (We will forward your info to the chapter nearest you whenever possible.)