Hello, ladies!

Since TOM (time of the month/period/cycle... you catch my drift) is an issue for most of us while on HCG, I figured it would be awesome to have a wealth of information in one place.

If there's anything I didn't cover, you can put your comments in the last box. After completing the survey you will be able to see the results so far for the multiple choice questions. I can't figure out how to get the comments to display for you all without paying for a subscription so I'll just copy and paste them into a document and post the link in the "About Me" section on my channel.

I have formatted this survey to make all answers and comments anonymous so feel free to be detailed and honest.

Thanks for your help,

1. Do you stop injecting/taking your HCG when TOM comes?

2. If you DO stop taking HCG during TOM, do you continue the 500 calorie diet while on TOM?

3. If you DO NOT stop HCG during TOM, is TOM longer/heavier than normal?

4. Has anybody tried both ways... stopping HCG during TOM and continuing HCG during TOM? What differences did you notice?

5. Do you stall/gain before TOM comes or during?

6. Do you stall/gain during ovulation?

7. Please choose your age range. It's not required but I want to see if there is any age correlation with the answers to these questions. :)

8. Any other observations or tips about TOM that I didn't cover?