Exit Questionnaire


As part of our commitment to improving our employment, selection and retention practices we recognise the importance of seeking clarification and understanding why employees leave the trust. We value your feedback and therefore invite you to complete this Exit Questionnaire. 

The questionnaire is designed to provide you with the opportunity to comment on your experience within the workplace. We hope that by analysing your feedback, we will be able to identify the trends that are having both positive and negative impacts upon the workplace and to introduce change that improves the overall well-being and working lives of our staff. 

Please be completely honest in your answers. The information you provide will be treated sensitively and will in no way affect the content of any reference you may request. If you feel that this questionnaire contains information which you would not wish to divulge, this will be respected but it may restrict the actions which can be taken. 

The information you provide will be used to analyse general employment details, to produce statistical information and trends and to provide feedback to managers. 

All responses will be treated confidentially.