Please rank the following utilities or apps for your mobile device based upon their value or interest to you.

* 1. Ultra secure way to protect a payment app on my mobile device

* 2. Anonymous spy-grade communication (chat, voice, video) app

* 3. Ability to authenticate someone's identity for a peer-to-peer transaction (example - someone who will work in your home)

* 4. Ability to securely confirm any remote payment you make and record an irrefutable log

* 5. Ability to replace usernames and passwords to any website or app with biometric authentication from my mobile device

* 6. Ability to make enrollment to a new service or account as easy as clicking a button (with secure biometric verification) to provide my consent

* 7. Ability to register pseudo/vanity names or personas (like a web domain name) that I can use as my alias when I don't want the world to know who I am for a particular transaction - or for fun with your friends

* 8. Peace of mind that my identity is secure and more in my control