* 1. How often do you use a computer at school?

* 2. How often does your teacher use technology for classroom instruction, such as computer/iPad, projector, document camera, or smart board

  Daily Weekly (At least 1 or more times per week) Monthly (5 or more times per month) Not very often (Maybe 1 or 2 times per semester) Never
Computer (how to create something)
Document Camera
Smart Board

* 3. How important to your learning do you feel having access to technology is (do you learn better from the use of technology)?

* 4. What do you use a computer for the most? Please rank the options below

* 5. What technology do you learn from the best in the classroom/lab?

* 6. What technology would you like to have in your classroom or have more access to?

* 7. What type of technology do you have at home?

* 8. What is the device you feel you learn the most/best from?