Town of Petawawa Active Transportation Plan (ATP) - Community Survey

Petawawa is preparing an Active Transportation Plan (ATP) to develop a realistic, feasible and implementable blueprint for the planning, design and implementation of non-motorized routes, infrastructure and promotion over the short, medium and long-term. The ATP will guide decision-making, coordination and collaboration between Council, local municipal staff, community partners and residents. Objectives for the ATP include:

1. Creating a connected network of active transportation routes throughout the Town to connect major destinations, points of interest, natural areas, etc.

2. Make non-motorized travel more safe, convenient and enjoyable for people of all ages and abilities.

3. Position Petawawa as cycle friendly while also helping to create a more healthy and sustainable community.

Your feedback is an important step in developing the Plan.  Please complete the following questions before April 30th, 2018.


Question Title

* 1. How far is it from your home to your place of work or school?

Question Title

* 2. Thinking about your typical 7 day week, let us know which travel modes you use and the number of days you use them (Indicate a value for all modes used).

  1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days 7 days
Driving by Myself

Question Title

* 3. Why do you use trails or cycle in the Town of Petawawa? (Check one box for each row)

  Most often Sometimes Never No Opinion
To go to and from work
To go to and from school
To make trips to shop, run errands and visit friends
For fitness/ health/ recreation
For tourism (e.g. to get to local destinations such as Petawawa Point)

Question Title

* 4. For each of the trails and cycling facilities listed below please indicate how comfortable you are using each.

  Very Comfortable Comfortable Uncomfortable Very Uncomfortable Unknown
Cycling on roads with bike lanes or paved shoulders
Cycling on roads without bike lanes (bikes share the road with motorized vehicles)
Cycling on multi-use paths or trails
Walking/running on multi-use paths or trails
Walking/running on sidewalks
Walking/running on paved or gravel roadway shoulders

Question Title

* 5. What are your top three (3) locations where you would like to see new or expanded cycling routes?

Question Title

* 6. Additional Comments