Street Lighting 

The Parish Council is committed to changing the street lighting from the diverse mix we currently have to LED lights throughout the village.  To gain feedback from residents we have prepared a few questions and we would appreciate your comments.
You are invited to come along to the Village Hall Annexe on Tuesday 11th February, 7.00 – 8.30 pm where we will be showing an example of the LED lights that we are proposing to install throughout the village and would appreciate your views and comments – whether on the day, by questionnaire or survey online. 
There is currently one operational LED street light, adjacent to the salt bin on the corner of Bridge Street and Harmans Way, the street light at the junction of New Street and New Croft will also be replaced with a LED.  The one on Bridge Street is adjacent to an older type of light so you can see the difference.  If you are able, please take a look at them before you answer the questions.
When installed, LED lights will have a 10 year guarantee though that does not necessary mean they will need changing after that time as they could keep going for a further 5-10 years.  Therefore, there should not be any maintenance issues, other than to the columns and any damage caused by vandalism.  The estimated cost for the change will be in the region of £70,000 which will be paid from Council funds already reserved for this project and a loan of approximately £45-50,000.  The cost also includes the replacement of all concrete posts. Repayment of the loan will be self-funding from the savings on energy consumption and maintenance, not by raising the Council Tax / Rates.  Current expenditure is approximately £13,500 per annum. The loan repayment over 5 years and payment of the reduced electricity consumption is likely to be around the same figure.  When the loan is paid back the figure will then be around £3-4,000 per annum for supply.

The survey will be open to the 14th February. 

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* 1. In principle, do you have any objections to the proposed change from the current street lighting to LEDs

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* 2. Solar Powered lighting.  We are considering changing the light on Jubilee Field car park to solar powered and also where there is no electricity, ie in the parking areas underneath the railway viaducts adjacent to the Church.  These lights may be timed to come on at dusk and off at midnight. Do you have any concerns/ comments regarding this?

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* 3. Are you aware of any areas that would also benefit from a solar powered light? Please state:

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