At the last general PTA meeting, several propositions were put forth for our capital fundraising project.  

Our counselor, Effective Learning Teacher, and Special Education teacher all attended the meeting.  They presented sensory tools that could be used to make the classroom more comfortable and a better learning environment for all students.  Their top priorities were stand-up desks, ball chairs, and noise cancelling headphones.

Another option presented was the idea of purchasing an additional Chromebook cart.  The school district has provided four classroom carts for Candalaria, but Mr. Paulson believes that the teachers would use another cart as well.  

Another option was to create Earthquake Emergency grab bags for all classroom teachers.  These grab bags could include emergency chargers for cell phones, tools to purify water, flashlights and batteries, first aid kits and emergency blankets, hard candies, hand sanitizer, gloves, and a local map.

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* 1. Which Capital Fundraising project would you support for this year?