2021 NSCEA Candidate Form

Congratulations! You have been nominated  for an NCSEA Officer or Director position.

Be sure to review the Responsibilities of Officers and Directors document to understand the duties of the position, as well as refer to the Board Commitment Form for reference (do not complete the Board Commitment Form at this time). 

This form must be completed by all candidates that have been nominated by someone else.

NCSEA is committed to efforts to encourage diversity and inclusion on its Board of Directors. We encourage nominations of individuals from historically underrepresented or marginalized groups, as well as those in all facets of the child support program. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to NCSEA staff at customerservice@ncsea.org.

As required in the bylaws, all candidates must maintain an Individual Membership in NCSEA at the time of nomination, through elections and, if elected, during their term of service.

ALL candidate nominees must complete this form by April 16, 2021.