Say No to Council's Casino!

The Sunshine Coast Council wants to establish a casino in its wholly owned SunCentral CBD development site in Maroochydore (at the old Horton Park Golf Club).  SunCentral has been negotiating with overseas gambling corporations to build the casino.  

We, the undersigned believe that:

(1) Any such casino is not in keeping with the relaxed family-friendly environment that makes the Sunshine Coast world renowned.  

(2) A casino will cause irreparable harm to the social fabric of the Sunshine Coast community and will ultimately lead to increased poverty, particularly for our most socially disadvantaged.

(3) The construction of a casino in an existing residential area will lead to an increase in organised and violent crime and will irrevocably alter the Sunshine Coast for the worse.

We, the undersigned, call upon the Sunshine Coast Council, via its wholly owned development company SunCentral, to abandon its plans to establish a casino in SunCentral.

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